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Whos Most Likely To Get Hacked?

Banks are still the biggest target for hackers. They have huge databases of customer data, including credit card information and email addresses. So if someone is going to get hacked next, there's a big chance that a major bank will be the target. Hackers have a long history of getting into the servers for banks and making away with personal data. Hackers broke into the servers of JP Morgan and made away with information regarding 76 million households and 7 million small businesses. The bank only realised that the hack had taken place when it noticed that the website for its corporate charity challenge had been compromised.

  • "It seems that twenty-somethings, the cohort that's often recognized for being the most tech-savvy generation, may be among the worst at keeping their personal data away from prying eyes and potential hackers.
  • Acorrding to Mitchel and Whale insurance brokers, healthcare is mostvulnerable to be hacked."So Which Industries Stand to Lose the Most from a Cyber Attack? A 2018 IBM study looked at 477 businesses from 15 countries that had experienced some kind of data breach, and asked them about how these cyber-incidents affected the business. In terms of total losses from a breach, the healthcare industry is by far the most vulnerable. In fact, this industry reported average costs of more than $400 per customer record that was compromised. Financial services was a distant second, at just over $200 per record. These numbers make sense given the nature of the data that these businesses hold about their customers. However, even the least affected sectors reported costs of $75 per customer or more. Cloud computing company Softchoice polled 1,000 employees in Canada and the U.S. about their habits when it comes to data security and password protection, and the results weren't especially reassuring."
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